Things to Consider When Purchasing a Gun


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional shooter or not, many people struggle on which gun to purchases because there are so many different types and brands. There are plenty of things to think about like, what gun is going to be the best for what you’re shooting, and what the laws are.

So for people who’re wanting to find out further information, on how the purchase the perfect gun for you, take these into consideration…

What is the intended use of the gun?

One of the first things which you need to think about is what the intended use of the gun, because without knowing this you could end up with the wrong gun. However, often shooters use the guns for a variety of different things, therefore you will have to work out what percentage of time you will be using the gun for on each different activity.

Adding to this, because there are many different types of guns it is essential to know exactly what type of gun you want. Therefore, we advise people to talk to talk to the experts as they can give you the leading advice which you will need in order to get a gun suiting all your needs and requirements.

Therefore, once you have decided on the intended use of the gun and have spoken to the experts then things should start falling into place, however it is essential to remember the laws before getting a gun.

UK Gun Laws

Children under the age of fourteen must be supervised by someone twenty-one and over, they will have to shoot on private premises if they have permission to do so. Adding to this, between the ages of fourteen and seventeen, you’re able to borrow an air rifle and use of private premises if you have permission to do so. And if you’re carrying a gun in a public area then it is for law for you to be accompanied by someone twenty-one or over and also have a valid reason to do so.

Not only this, but it is important to know some of the basic rules and tips before starting up, for example:

  • Even if your gun isn’t loaded, you always must treat it as it is so that accidents do not occur.
  • Before you pull the trigger shout and confirm what your target and surroundings are, so that people around you also know what you’re intending to shoot.
  • Make sure to buy from a well-respected company such as, Pownalls, to ensure that the gun you purchase is the right one for you, and made to a high standard.
  • Do not point the gun at something you do not wish to destroy.
  • Make sure to wear all the safety clothing which is provided, for example ear muffs.