The Benefits of Football

With the rising number of child obesity, it is now more important than ever to get your kids active, there are many sports which they can be involved in which will get them out of their bedrooms, for example, football, netball, cricket, athletics. However, many people find It hard to persuade their child to join a sport, that is why we have come up with some of the benefits of playing football. Football is one of the most popular sports, especially amongst males, therefore by providing you with the benefits of playing football It should make it easier to persuade your child to join the local club.

Benefits of Playing Football:

Health Benefits

  • Because football consists of running, sprinting and walking for long periods of time it is a great cardio workouts which strengths the heart and helps you burn them extra calories.
  • Playing football isn’t just great for building muscle and strengthening your bones, but it also lowers body fat and improve muscle tone. Great sport for anyone who wants a good physique.
  • Many teenagers these days suffer anxiety and have self-esteem issues, well with any sport it actually increases their confidence and self-esteem especially if they’re interacting with people they normally wouldn’t and realise themselves getting healthier. In addition to this, playing football can help you reduce your anxiety levels as the exercise released feel-good endorphins and helps takes your mind off things, such as things which are stressing you out.
  • Football helps with coordination skills because there is a lot of running, sprinting and passing the ball, whilst you have to think about who is the best person to pass the ball too.

Social Benefits

  • Playing football is all about working in a team, therefore the sport will help you learn vital skills team work skills and listening to instructions.
  • Like I previously said the sport can help a child listen to and follow instructions, which is an important life lesson all through-out their life. Not only this but they might even have the chance to manage the team, therefore will learn lessons and skills about the benefits of training people and managing others.
  • What many people don’t know is that playing a sport is all about being organised, this is because you have to be ready for training with the right gear and also be ready for any matches or tournaments. So therefore the sport teaches them vital organisation skills which they can use in later life.
  • The main social benefit of football is that you can make new friends and build relationships with people who you may not have been friends with.