Reasons Why Brits Move to America

Immigration to America is incredibly popular, especially amongst the Brits – However, this is no longer due to people flocking to America to find wealth and/or religious freedom – but for many, many other reasons. Some of the reasons in which so many Brits choose to migrate to the U.S include the following:

Immigration to America


People from all over the world make the big move to America to find their dream jobs, with U.S employers constantly looking to secure the services of talented foreigners. Luckily for Brits, Americans find them particularly appealing when looking for employees because they are already fluent in American and can therefore communicate perfectly – with no language barrier.



Since the British government increased the cap on tuition fees, more Brits than ever before are now applying and attending universities in America, with the number of British students in America growing each and every year. Not only do people choose to study in America for monetary reasons, but for many – America is the land of opportunity, and students simply want to ensure that they are given the best chance early on in life.



Long-distance relationships aren’t always the greatest, and many people whom are in long distant relationships between Britain and America find that one of them eventually is willing to move so that they can be with each other properly. It is very popular for Brits and Americans to fall in love with each other also; this is again because of the fluency in language.



Although those moving typically have to state alternative reasons for their moving when looking to emigrate – it has been reported that the weather often plays a huge role in their decision making processes. Unlike Britain, which is generally cold and miserable all year round, especially in recent years, America has many regions with year-round sun – assisting all greatly in making their decision to move.



In many cases people from all over the world, not only Brits, dream of living out their final chapters under the American sun. Sometimes visas for this purpose can be hard to obtain however, so if this is your reason for looking to move – we advise that you ensure that you get the greatest immigration solicitor on your side, to assist you regarding your options.


America is a highly sought after destination for those looking to travel, with people not only choosing to go for a few weeks, but opting to spend full years in America. This is because of the enormousness of America and all of the different regions in which people want to see.