How to Stand While Shooting

When shooting and looking for best performance, whether using a daystate huntsman air rifle or any other alternative, if you are looking for ultimate performance, it matters how you are standing!  To shoot as well as possible, shooters must stand in positions in which allows them to aim and trigger correctly, and today we are going to discuss some ways in which the ultimate position can be achieved.

Although there are a variety of ways that people can stand when shooting, all of the positions should provide the following:

  • A necessary level of balance of the shooter – rifle systems, with minimal muscular tension
  • Maximum conditions for the function of balance and vision
  • Normal function of the organs and correct blood circulation

If you are unsure of how to stand to achieve these pointers, carry on reading…

Feet– Feet should be placed approximately shoulder width apart, with the left foot parallel to the firing line and the right food slightly angled outwards for optimum control and balance. If your feet are not laid out as well as they should be, you will find it hard to shoot to your best ability.

Legs – Shooters should try their best to ensure that their weight is equally balanced onto both legs, if possible going even further than this and making sure that weight is distributed equally between the toes and heels to help legs relax even more.

Pelvis – The position of the pelvis should be in the line of shooting, with the hips facing towards the target. If the pelvis is not facing in the right direction, muscles could be too tensed to shoot accurately.

Body – The body can be bent slightly backwards; however all of the bending that takes place should do so from above the waist.

Left arm – The left arm should by directly under the rifle, with the left elbow leaning against the left hip, or thereabouts.

Right arm – Keeping the right shoulder relaxed, the right arm should be raised roughly 40 degrees and the right hand should be used to grasp the pistol grip or rifle. At this point you need to make sure that you re in a comfortable position to pull the trigger when needed.

Head – The shooters head should be straight and not bent, with the cheek leaning on the cheek-piece of the stock. This should not be any effort at all, and if it is, you are doing something wrong.

We hope that these tips have been helpful for you, and don’t forget, if you are new to shooting and unsure whether you are doing it correctly, don’t be scared to book a few shooting lessons, which will no doubt work to get you off to the best start.