Five Shotgun Shooting Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you have been shooting for years or have only recently taken up the sport, or whether you are a user of Miroku Shotguns or other manufactures, we are sure that you no doubt are constantly looking for tips to improve your shot. In line with this, today we are going to be providing some of the greatest shooting tips for all to benefit from…

If you are a shotgun user, carry on reading at your peril!


Shotgun Shooting Tips


Keep your eyes on the bird – This is probably the most important tip for all shooters to follow! You have to focus on a part of the bird, whether it is the head or the beak, and keep your eyes firmly secured throughout your entire shot. Typically people tend to keep throwing their eyes between the barrel of their guns and the moving target, however, this isn’t good practice, and once looking at the target, you should not look away until after you have fired.


Keep your guns moving – While keeping the eyes fixed on the target, you should keep moving your gun, following your target… Keep your head down and your weight over your front foot – This will make it easier to keep the gun moving. For extra accuracy you should ensure that you do not take your head off the gun too early.


You can move your feet –When shooting some people tend to stand still in one spot, not moving their feet at all. However, it is important to move your feet in many scenarios in order to get the best possible shot. Because you have you have to keep your eyes on the target however, before setting up to take your shot, you should check around your ground area for anything that you could trip over.


Get your eyes checked – If you are planning on shooting on a regular basis, it is important that you visit an optician to make sure that your focus is effective. It will be impossible to shoot accurately if your eyesight isn’t as good as it could be. It is also a good idea to go for occasional checks at a professional shooting ground to test for eye dominance.


Practice makes perfect – You have probably heard this a thousand times but practice really does make perfect. If you want your shooting accuracy to be as good as possible, you should practice as often as you can, being sure to wear all of the same clothing as you will be wearing in the field because weight can affect how we shoot greatly.