Packing Tips for Those Moving House

So, you’re moving house, you have arranged to pick your keys up, booked a London removal agency to assist and much more – however, all that is left now, is packing. Packing tends to be something in which many people put off till the last minute, however this only makes moving more stressful than it needs to be. Today we are going to provide some vital packing tips in which all moving should consider…

Moving House

Before you start

  • Make a priority packing list
  • Take time to go through your belongings, clearing out things that you either haven’t used in a while or know that you’re not going to use in the future. You could give these things to charity, sell them on eBay or have a car boot sale
  • Work out how many cardboard moving boxes you are going to need and buy these in advance. Always use quality packing materials and don’t forget to also order tape, bubble wrap and market pens
  • Make sure that your content insurance covers damage and breakages which could occur during the move

Think ahead


Unless you don’t have many possessions, it is likely that you are not going to manage to unpack all of your belongings on the day of your house move, therefore consider the following:

  • Pack a box of ‘essentials’ which can be opened upon arrival at your new home. This box could include brew making equipment, celebratory champagne, toilet roll, PJs and snacks. Don’t worry so much about food, you can always order a takeaway
  • Other items that should be kept someone close to reach include a first aid kit, pain relievers, plastic bags and a small tool kit

Sensible packing

  • Start packing way in advance; it always takes longer than people anticipate it to – especially when people stumble across old photos and get carried away looking over them and reminiscing
  • Always pack the heaviest items in smaller boxes, this will make them easier to carry
  • Keep all removal boxes under a certain weight to avoid them breaking and people getting injured while carrying them
  • Pack one room at a time, this will allow you to take them to the relevant rooms upon arrival at your new house. You should also list what is in each individual box to make the tracking down of individual items much easier
  • All fragile and delicate items should be wrapped in multiple layers of newspaper and bubble wrap and labelled as ‘fragile’ so that any handlers know to take extra care