Maximising Growth All Year Round with grow tents

Many people find great comfort in growing their own plants, whether it be vegetables for home cooking or plants to decorate your home and garden. However, the common difficulty with this is finding the perfect environment to grow your chosen plants in. things like light level, soil type and heat vary for every plant. Growing in green houses has been around for quite a while but hydroponics is still pretty unknown and is a relative grey area for many people.

If you are a beginner to hydroponics growing it is very easy to get lost when it comes to the equipment needed to start growing, but you don’t need to. Visiting a hydroponic store can really help you get a good idea as to exactly what you need to start a successful hydroponic garden. You can find basic starter kits both online and in actual stores around the country.

Grow tents

A basic growing kit usually includes:

  • Grow Tent
  • Magnetic Ballast
  • Reflector
  • Duct Fan
  • Carbon Filter
  • 4 x Round Pot Saucers
  • 4 x Root Pouch
  • Min-Max Digital Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Aluminium Ducting
  • Quick Release Duct Clip
  • Rope Ratchet Hangers (Pair)


What is a grow tent and why do you need one?

Everything you need to set up a new hydroponic station. However, the piece of kit that is really the backbone to growing is the grow tent. This helps to keep the heat at the exact level you need it for your plants. Also fitted with reflective lining the tent allows for no light to escape therefore putting your plant in optimum conditions for growth. Alongside this the tent allows for you to keep your plants away from harm, whether that be in the form of toxic air or people and animals in the same area as the plant.

Grow tents come in different sizes allowing you to vary just how much you grow at a given time. Do bear in mind that different plants require different environmental factors and one tent can only be set to suit one so try to grow plants with similar requirements at the same time.

Possibly one of the main factors that put people off Is cluttering their home with a large tent. Grow tents can often be put up and dismantled in 15 minutes to be able to pack away when you are not using them. Using tents in your home means you can compactly grow plants without taking up space in your home.