The Difference between Airsoft and BB Guns

Both for girls and boys across the UK airsoft guns and BB guns are extremely popular gifts. Whether to play and fit in with their friends or to teach their children life skills, many parents opt to purchase these as presents. They can supply people with hours and hours of fun, through target shooting or getting involved with clubs and games and can even work to bring families together.

BB guns

When talking about these two types of guns, many people are under the impression that they are the same thing, grouping them together and not seeing their differences. Even some people who do recognise the differences get the two types confused, thinking that bb guns are airsoft guns and vice-versa.  Because of this we thought that we would write this post to enable all to have a deeper understanding and to be able to tell the two apart.


BB guns shoot BBs – these are hard metal balls which shoot incredibly quickly and are likely to injure people and kill small animals such as birds should they hit them. Airsoft pellets are made from plastic and although they still fire very quickly, they are less likely to cause such harm.


The majority of BB guns can be put into two categories – pistol or rifle. There are however many different types of airsoft gun, for example in addition to rifles and pistols you can purchase automatic rifles and semi-automatic rifles.


BB guns are a great choice for all looking to hunt small game etc. however it goes without saying that these guns should not be used to shoot people or pets, whereas with airsoft guns you cannot really hunt.

If you are unsure about which is the best option for you, it is a good idea to find a supplier whom offers both – this will allow you to view all of the available options and also to speak with a knowledgeable business owner who will be able to advise and guide you based on your individual requirements and needs.

Top Tip: When choosing a supplier to purchase your weaponry from, like when buying anything else, you should always take your time; this will allow you to find a reputable provider within the industry. Always be sure to check out case studies and testemonials.