An Introduction to Window Manifestation

Window manifestation is the term used to describe the process of creating markings or etch effect designs on to large panels of glass. This is to ensure that they’re easily noticeable by personnel, both to catch attention and more importantly to allow people to avoid walking into them. Window manifestation is especially essential for glass partitions walls and doors in work places and public places helping to avoid accidents caused by impact with full height glass screens and windows. There are several different types of manifestation, from simple etch effect shapes, company branding  through to detailed and elaborate designs therefore meeting all individual needs and requirements. Other benefits of window manifestation include the provision of privacy and security. Lustalux Ltd has executed many projects, both big and small and are industry leaders in this field. In addition to the glass manifestation services  they offer, they also boast an array of other services such as wall graphics, window films to combat heat and glare, blast mitigation films to protect personnel from injury and  a full range of signage services – all of the highest quality and competitive prices.