Why comfort food is seeing a revival

People turn to food for a variety of reasons. It is the obvious answer to hunger; but also brings so many benefits. A sweet treat can soon put a smile back on your face, whilst a savoury old favourite makes you feel warm inside. Rather being the year of futuristic food, trends anticipate that 2016 is set to be the year of the great comfort food revival!

Good grub really matters

Hog Roast Skipton

‘Comfort food’ is the commonly used term to describe food items and dishes we associate with emotional benefit. If we have had a bad or stressful day, this the type of food we go for – and it’s like a big hug in a bowl, plate or mug! People’s idea of comfort food obviously varies too. For some people it is the dishes of their childhood, whilst for others it is a snack they can grab quickly on their way home from work or study. It is interesting to consider the different types of food which matter to people, and here to whet your appetite are some top choices:

Food for thought

  • Pie, glorious pie! – For many people, their idea of comforting grub is plenty of pastry with a warming filling. A pie offers the complete meal solution, as it is satisfying and tasty: and can contain gravy too. A particularly popular option is meat and potato.
  • Macaroni cheese – this provides a big bowlful of carb-rich, cheesy goodness! People often crave mac and cheese because of its simple flavour and warming qualities. It is easy to make and eat: which is an added advantage!
  • Pulled pork – an increasingly popular food item, it is thought that the modern success of pulled pork lies in its comforting qualities. It is a highly tender form of meat with a delicious taste!

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