4 reasons why pork is superior to beef

British pork can be one of the tastiest meats out there, but the poor old pig is often neglected by British diners, who typically opt for their idea of a ‘traditional’ roast in the form of beef or lamb. Beef especially is often associated with the ritual of Sunday Dinner, and many pick it because they believe it to be the best choice. However, so many of us have likely struggled over that inevitable beef roast: perhaps you’ve had to face dry meat, gristle or just a lack of taste?  The answer is – stop – and opt for pork!

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Pork makes an ideal dining choice, whether you want to roast, grill or fry it. It also has positive nutritional benefits of its own which deserve to be recognised. Why not consider these following great points about pork and feel great about your decision to say goodbye to beef today!

Why pork packs a punch

  • It is the basis of so many favourites – it’s easy to take for granted that pork is the meat which brings about bacon, sausages and ham! There are so many more exciting and convenient products available than beef can offer, which is a definite plus!
  • It can be lower in calories, yet still full of protein – pork is typically has a lower calorific content than beef, but is still high in protein, especially when you opt for a lean cut
  • A revolutionary roast – unlike beef, which can become dry and drab in the roasting process, properly-roasted pork allows for our favourite extra: crispy crackling!

Perfect for your plate

The above are just some reasons why pork makes a much better choice to tuck into. A business which is passionate about bringing the benefits of pork to your table too, is Hog Roast Blackpool. They offer a number of hog roast hire Blackpool services and you can find out more through their website at – www.hogroastblackpool.com