3 top money-saving tips for your Christmas party

Whether you work in an office or in industry, the opportunity of a Christmas party means a chance to have fun and relax. But many people worry about spending too much money, especially if they are dining out or going for drinks. After all, it is important to keep some money saved-up for Christmas itself! Therefore, it’s good to consider ways you can cut down the cost of your Christmas ‘do’, without compromising on the fun!

Hog Roast Burnley

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can keep in mind which will allow for the best celebration without breaking the bank:

Save money easily

  • Opt for a meal or drinks, rather than both – it’s easy to assume that colleagues will want a sit-down meal followed by a drinking session, but this is often not the case. Both can be separate occasions in themselves: what matters is that people have a chance to relax and enjoy themselves.
  • No Venue? No problem! – The hire of premises for a whole party can be difficult and costly, especially in the festive season. What more and more businesses are opting for is the introduction of an in-office party! This means that on the day of the celebration, the office is transformed and people can bring their own drinks. It certainly will help people to see their workspace in a new light!
  • Consider you’re catering – restaurants can be particularly pricey in the run up to Christmas. A better option can be in the form of travelling caterers, who can even come to your office!

Quality and affordable options

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